I am a Professional in Digital User Experience Design, Lecturer and Speaker currently based in Frankfurt, Germany.


I create beautiful websites and apps that click with users. My main goal is to support clients with their interactive products by focusing on the user.

This approach by "Designing Strategy"  applies methodologies from design in order to address strategic issues that leads to constant improvement and creates value for my clients.



These are the skills you can expect from me:

•    Rooting for the user (User Centered Design)

•    Designing wireframes and mockups 

•    Conducting qualitative in-person studies

•    Building prototypes, both on paper and clickable

•    Being strategic and creative at the same time

•    Talks and Presentations (Conference and In-House)

•    Ideation workshops


in addition to 15 years of professional experience

• UXQB Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience, Foundation Level (CPUX-F)
• Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) 
• Diplom Designerin


Looking for a Speaker?

I love these topics:

  • Cognitive UX/ behavioural Psychology Principles 

  • Design Experiences in Banking (UX for Finance)

  • Creativity techniques

  • Engaging meaningfully with customers

  • Branded Interactions

  • The Future of UX

  • UX and AI

  • The mom test: how to interview correctly 

  • How to create narrative, heroic experiences in interaction design

  • Interaction Design Kit

  • How to conduct design sprints

  • Tools for a digital world, how everyone can use the methods of the tech giants

  • Business Strategy agile, iterative and adaptive

  • Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean Strategy


I consult with companies and individuals, teaching techniques to make the creative process more fluid, methods for making work environments more conducive to creative productivity, and practices for sparking innovation.


Design Thinking is an approach that leads to solving problems and developing new ideas.  The aim is to work together in an environment that promotes creativity, to develop a question together, to consider people's needs and motivations and based on that develop concepts that are tested several times.


Take a look at the venture with Digital Director Moritz Pommer. User Experience Design is as important for a digital product as it is complex. We provide workshops to sensitize the participants to good usability.



Schönstrasse 3
60327 Frankfurt

+49 176 96737983